A Competitive Golf Tour For Any Player

Welcome to The Players Golf Tour and the only competitive golf league available for any player. This Golf league was created to add some competition and fun to the golf season. There are usually a few leagues in the area but most of them are on certain days and they are mainly scrambles or other types of games. This new Golf league offers you flexible times to play because you have a week to play your round as well as playing multiple courses throughout the season. And to bring some fun competition to the league we will have payouts for each tournament and depending on how many competitors a tournament has the Top 10 or Top 20 would receive the highest payouts. You don’t need a handicap and anyone can play. However, you probably should be able to shoot in the 70’s to be able to place in the Top 10. But not to worry. We are not talking big bucks. Just a small entry fee and you get to choose the weeks you want to play. If you want to play tournament golf but don’t think you could be competitive not to worry. We have fun format tournaments with a twist and you can find them HERE! Check out the How It Works page for the details. And welcome to the TOUR!

Flexible Schedule – Play Multiple Courses – $$$ Payouts